Beautiful Agony would like to wish everyone good luck and the best of health through the Coronavirus crisis.

All of the contributors to our project are affected too.  Did you know that they earn a royalty each time a subscriber watches or downloads their video?  So by buying a subscription, you're not only treating yourself to some great relief from the crisis at hand, but you're helping your fellow humans too.

If you're working in your pyjamas we don't want to distract you from your responsibilities, of course.  Do your job. Then come back and treat yourself to a well earned stress break at Beautiful Agony :)


If you have a blog or web site and want to join our Free Agony program and refer hits to us to earn a membership, you can sign up here

If you're an established webmaster and you are wanting to join our affiliate program, fill in the form via the link below to apply. If your site fits our criteria we will send you back an authorisation code and details of how to complete the registration process.

Then all you need do is grab some of our stylin' banners or sample vids and link them back with a your encoded URL and you'll earn a percentage of all the subscriptions you send our way.

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