Account Maintenance

Want to Cancel rebills or change your email address or password? Contact the billing company (see below).

Lost your password? Please click here and we will send you an email listing all accounts, current or expired, with your usernames, passwords and name of the billing provider. If you can't access your email address, use the Help Form and tell us your billing address and the last 4 digits of the credit card you joined with.

Want to reactivate an old account? If you have Favourites saved in your old account and you'd like to join again, simply check 'returning customer' as you join, and enter your previous username and password. (If you don't know them, use the Lost Password tool. It also gives you info about expired accounts.)

Beautiful Agony uses third party billing. That means we don't have access to your credit card details, because transactions are processed by a specialist billing company. We use the services of 3 companies so you need to know which one processed your transaction before you can make changes to your account. If you're currently logged in (even if your account is expired) your billing provider is given in "Your Agony", which is in the main menu at left.

If you aren't logged in, the easiest way to work out the billing provider is to look at your Welcome email or your credit card statement. Or you can use the Lost Password tool above. It will tell you the company name, either VXSBill, CCBill, or GMBill. Each provider has a website where you can cancel rebills, and view and change some of your information - the facilities vary between billers.

If you don't have your Welcome email, you should have recorded your Subscription ID number.

If it looks like this: 030311210001100328 then you are with CCBill.
If it looks like this: BA123456 then you are with GMBill.

Below are links to each billing provider.

GMBill VXSBill CCBill

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